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Welcome to the wonderful world of 365 Girl! This is a place where girls grow into amazing women who truly rock. I am working on bringing back the "good girl" look! 365 Girl is an immediate call to action on raising the self esteem of our young ladies between the ages of 10-18, so they make positive life decisions! The book is broken up into seven sections the physical, educational, social-motivational, relationships, spiritual, sexual, and pain-forgiveness.365 Girl also has a desire to motivate young ladies to love and explore careers in Math and Science. I believe that every young lady has the power to speak over her own life and demand excellence and greatness! It is time to take the limits off and this is the place to do it!  The target age stops at 17, but there is something in book for women at every age. This is the place where girls take the limits off and begin to plan, dream, and accomplish the unthinkable!

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